a story of illumination

Drawing on idyllic coastal surroundings, our collections tell stories of sunsets, salty breezes, and the gentle lull of the tides. The result? Products that don’t just illuminate spaces, but also touch the heart.


We take the “scenic route” when it comes to candle-making. Hand-pouring takes longer, but it’s a beautiful small-batch process that allows for greater attention to detail, personal touches, and quality control.


We closely monitor the ingredients and the creation process to ensure masterful craftsmanship and high-quality final products across all our ranges.


Non-toxic, eco-friendly ingredients such as soy wax, natural essential oils, and lead-free wicks result in cleaner, longer-lasting, and environmentally friendly candles.

we’re Greg & Trina.

We’re waving to you from the sun-kissed shores of Perth, Western Australia, where we get to soak up some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world.

The interplay of light and waves has always captivated us, but our busy lives and professional careers mean we can’t make it to the shore as often as we’d like to. On those days, we find solace in the soothing embrace of candlelight and fragrance — this inspired Ambient Flames.

Our love for crafting ambience and warmth pairs the mesmerizing dance of a flame with beautiful coastal-inspired scents. But, Ambient Flames is more than candles and diffusers; it’s about capturing emotions, memories and moments in every scent and flame.

We hope you feel the tranquility of our collections are much as we do!

Love, Greg & Trina.

get the glow

Whether you’re yearning to bring the tranquil beauty of the coastline home or simply seeking the magic of candlelight, our creations are designed to transform your spaces into havens of serenity and elegance.