Sustainable luxury is here.

Enjoy a cycle of renewed elegance.

Sustainability isn’t a destination, it’s a journey of conscious choices and responsible actions. From the raw materials we choose to the manufacturing processes we employ, our commitment to protecting our beautiful planet is woven throughout our business. 

When you choose Ambient Flames, you’re doing your part for the environment too. Here’s a glimpse at our eco-conscious choices, like helping you recycle your candle vessels.

Our R-3 Initiative.

Ignite the light, again and again.

The Ambient Flames R-3 Sustainability Initiative is designed to reduce our impact on the environment through an innovative recycling program. The Initiative focuses on the efficient use of available resources while reducing unnecessary waste.  

1. recycle

Entrust us with your used candle vessels and diffusers, preventing them from becoming waste. Every piece is a blank slate for a new beginning. 

2. restore

We clean and breathe new life into the recycled candle vessels and diffusers, preparing them for a fresh start filled with enchanting aromas. 

3. refill

Experience renewed luxury as we refill your vessels and diffusers at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new product. Good for the Earth and your wallet. 

Keep loving your favourite vessel.

The vessel you supply to us doesn’t have to be originally from Ambient Flames. Many people use our R-3 Initiative as a chance to preserve the life of their favourite candle vessel, perhaps even one that’s sentimental or has a special meaning. We accept and refill most shapes and sizes — just contact us for a quote.  

Choose joy with eco-friendly products & processes.

Our meticulously crafted products are a testament to our dedication to environmental responsibility. By embracing natural materials and avoiding harmful chemicals, our creations are luxurious and kind to the Earth. 

100% natural soy wax candles seamlessly harmonise with nature because they’re from nature.

Fragrance oils are eco-friendly and non-toxic, ensuring your space is filled with purity and tranquility.

Recycled packaging materials reduces our carbon footprint and supports a waste-free world.